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KROMLEK Ltd. has been established in 1986. We perform General engineering activities with five Engineers (two Mechanical, one Electrical, one Electronics, and one Industrial ) .

Some of our occupation subjects are such as:

Providing consultation for manufacturing industry / companies.
Importing and distribution of industrial material and equipment throughout in Turkey.
Accomplishing of custom clearance and shipment.

Currently, we mainly deal with:

Assist for improvement of machinery, equipment, process and layout of middle sized manufacturing plants.
Provide planning and technology for the Company to achieve a pre-defined Standard.
Provide techniques for the Company to improve their complete environment of their fabrication area.
Advise precautions to increase the quality of products.

At this stage, we consider our Company is qualified to fallow and finalize the following concepts on behalf of any partner foreign Company.

Search and find best suitable manufacturing plant to satisfy your demands on sub-contracting basis.
Provide samples for almost any kind of manufacturing items in accordance with your preliminary project.
Follow up and provide agreed quality of parts at any manufacturing stages.
Make the product ready for shipment in accordance with the demand of customer.
Obtain certification for CE &/or ISO.
Prepare paperwork for the formalities of Custom.
Organize shipment.

Therefore, it is our intention to offer assistance for your activities / operations here in Istanbul -Turkey.