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Youth Brand ZF-10 nine color vacuum case style refilling machine with precise refilling volume

This machine, which is designed in accordance with trend of cartridges latest development, can be used in multi-function refilling stores or factories. It is small in size but has powerful functions as follows:

1. To refill ink in a vacuum ambience
Many people, who refill the cartridges in manual ways, always find that a cartridge even though with a good nozzle cannot guarantee its printing effect after being refilled by a needle. What is the reason? If you have chance to visit the printer cartridge production line, you may find that all the original cartridges are filled with ink in a vacuum condition. Because it can guarantee that there is no air and bubbles interfused in the sponge during ink filling and it is only ink existed in the sponge next to the nozzle. Only in this way it can assure the printing smooth and consistency. Even if after being long time unused, the printing quality is still the same as before. The Youth Brand ZF-10 Refilling Machine can solve this difficult problem by its unique designed vacuum chamber so that all the cartridges can be refilled in a vacuum condition.

2. Unique Peristalsis pump and inductor system that can control ink filling volume precisely
Common refilling machines with peristalsis pump will encounter a problem that the ink refilling volume cannot be controlled precisely due to several reasons, for example, the hosepipes become soft because of heat generated in the friction after continuous working of the pump; rotate speed of driving engine in every peristalsis pump is different; the improper cooperation conditions between the hosepipes and idler wheel happen. Youth Company uses the unique peristalsis pump and inductor system instead of the traditional method by measuring filling time. The unique inductor can solve the above mentioned problems by detecting the processing situation of idler wheels in the pump, and transferring the data to computer to control every drop of ink from the pump. The ink refilling precision can be as small as 0.04ml under any circumstances. ZF-10 refilling machine has 9 independent ink volume setting and controlling systems, and ink volume of each can be set between 0 to 99ml.

3. As many as nine colors ink refilling choices
To meet the demand of new HP nine color photo printer, ZF-10 has a specially designed feature with nine color refilling choices. You neednt clean the pipe nor change the ink, and the refilling machine can refill 9 color inks simultaneously.

4. Unique detecting and residual ink withdrawal system/nozzle inhaling pen
How can you know the residual ink volume of each color in the cartridge that is to be refilled? The Youth brand ZF-10 has a specially designed 3 colors detecting and residual ink withdrawal system. Before ink refilling, you can insert the withdrawal needle in different color sponge of the cartridge and check from the different heights of the different colors in the clear ink pipe to find out whether the ink is empty and how much is remained. It is very convenient for the users to set up different ink refill volume or withdraw all the remaining ink. The unique nozzle inhaling pen can take out ink to the nozzle when refilling is finished, in order to guarantee printing quality and inspect whether there is any color mixing.

5. Unique clamps for various kinds of cartridges
In order to ensure that there is no leak or color mixing, and cartridges keep stable in vacuum chamber during the refilling, Youth has designed 10 different types of cartridge fixing clamps in response to different brands and types of cartridges.
a. Special clamps for HP newly developed 94, 95, 856, 857 series of big nozzle cartridges
b. Special clamps for HP6657, 6658, 8816, 8817, 8727, 8728 series of small volume cartridges
c. Special clamps for HP6578, 1823 cartridges
d. Special clamps for HP51645, 15 cartridges
e. Special clamps for HP newly developed 96 series and LEXMARK newly developed 32, 33 series of big volume cartridges
f. Special clamps for LEXMARK 10N0016, 10N0017, 10N0226, 10N0227 cartridges
g. Special clamps for LEXMARK1145, 1140, 1970, 1980, 0050, 0060 cartridges
h. Special clamps for CANON BCI-3, -6 series of fission and transparent cartridges
i. Special clamps for CANON BCI-21, -24 series of black and color fission cartridges
j. Special clamps for EPSON series of fission cartridges
Different types of fixing clamps with its basement can give nozzle good protection during filling ink and help cartridges to have a required position in the vacuum chamber. This design is of great convenience to the users.

6. Equipment of special vacuum pump, and waste liquid auto detecting and purging system
The external connected mini vacuum pump with low noise and stable performance can be used just as being turned on and you neednt get an extra vacuum system. Moreover, in order to enhance the systems security, we build in the auto purging system to the waste liquid storage tank in the machine. Purging and maintenance are automatically operated, and no handwork is needed.

As summarized, the Youth brand ZF-10 nine color vacuum case style refilling machine with precise refilling volume has great advantages in refilling of EPSON, HP, CANON, LEXMARK cartridges in vacuum condition with precise ink volume, and one-key simple operation, so this machine is very suitable for the usage in a refilling store, or mass production of cartridges in the remanufacturing factories, or in the production lines of compatible cartridges. ZF-10 is really a refilling machine with all kinds of functions.

Length: Width: Height: Net Weight:
With package: 72cm 52cm 54cm 27kg
Without package:62cm 40cm 34cm