Sell YP409 - MP4 Player

YP409 - MP4 Player
1. 1.5"CSTN display, 65K true color display.
2. Built-in 6 kinds of timbre settings.
3. Repeat system: repeat all, repeat one, and scan one.
4. Support strong shift display function, 5-grade shift gears, without changing tone.
5. Built-in two speakers.
6. Supports file list.
7. Supports WAV/ASF recording format.
8. Supports TXT electronic text reading.
9. Supports English-Chinese dictionary.
10. Built-in FM radio.
11. Built-in game function.
12. Supports disc management: del and format.
13. Supports disc content browse.
14. USB moving disk, without driver above Windows 98.
15. Supports JPG, the function of electronic picture book.
16. Supports screen-protect setting.
17. Supports MP3/WMA/DMV music formats.
18. Supports the transform display of MPG/AVI formats.
19. Supports synchronous lyrics display.
20. Supports multi- languages.
21. Weight: 56g Dimensions: 76.60 x 41.05 x 18.22mm
22. color:silver, black,