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Pressure Spray drying granulating machine is used with pressure type atomizer pressure diaphragm solution or paste material into a fine liquid atomization drops to significantly increase the surface area. Fully with the hot-air heat exchanger to rapid drying resulting in small particles or powder products.
 fast drying, especially for heat-sensitive materials:
 products from spherical particles, particle size uniformity, mobility, good solubility, high purity, good quality:
 Use a wide range of hot air can be drying, granulation, granulation can also be cooled, spray the crystallization reaction, such as spray.
 may return with a fine powder. Re-wet agglomeration systems, material size to meet user requirements.
 simple stability, convenient control. Easier to automate operations, product particle size, bulk density, water at a certain range can be adjusted.
The scope of application:
Food, medicine, chemical, dyeing, ceramic, biological and chemical, pesticide, plastic, such as the mobility of the application of the corresponding liquid.
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