Sell YSD-80 Two-Colour Registration Capsule Printer

YSD-80 Two-Colour Registration Capsule Printer
This machine is suitable for surface cap body directional two-colour registration printing of various specifications and models of capsules. And is also can print various characters, patterns and trademarks according to customer??s requirements so as to beautify appearance of capsule, upgrade product, increade advertisement effect of product, promote enterprise image and achieve the effect of forgey prevention.

Main features:
1Compact machine body is beautiful and elegant, and all the surfaces that touch drugs and the external surface of the machine body are made of stainless steel, so it is up to the ??GMPStandard.
2It adopts variable frequency speed regulation and touch-type electric control system, thus making your ooperation more convenient and free.
3The advanced stopping device can protect every capsule effectively.
4This machine has high productivity and low printing cost. (After is prints 30,000,000 capsules, you can take back the cost of the equipment.

Main technical parameters:
Weight: 570kg
Power supply: 380v 220v (Three-Phaed Four-Wires) 50HZ
Total Power: 1.75kw
Output: 0.55kw
Overall dimensions: 1500X420X1450mm(LXWXH)
The largest flow: 120m2/h
Compress the ir: 0.4Mpa