Sell YY/YN70 Induction Motor

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The motor has advantages of small-volume, low-noise and long-lifespan. It can gain low-speed changer and high-moment if it gets along with 70JB.
Service condition expatiation
The product is advanced low-speed changer motor at present. It can reach the need of put-out if adopting alternating current single-phase capacity machine and matching with suitable gear box. It was calculated for transmission gear as drive element. It can reduce mechanical structure and dynamic braking. There are YY TYPE induced motor and YN TYPE reversible motor which have the function of speed control.
YY TYPE induced motor was appliance to the work occasion of unidirectional interrupted run, egg: process line, automatic, printing machine, etc.
YN TYPE reversible motor was appliance to the occasion of stop-and-go actuation or reversible operation, egg: automatic vending machine, bale press, voltage adjuster, electric elevator, electric operator, etc.

General Technical Condition
a. Normal Insulation Resistance 100 M(Ohms)
b. Dielectric strength AC 180V 1s
c. Temperature Rise: <=75K
d. Noise: <=55dB
Service Condition
a. Altitude is no higher than 2500m
b. Ambient Temperature: -200~600
c. Relative Humidity: <90%

Storage Environment Condition
a. Air Temperature: -5~+35%dC
b. Relative Humidity <70%
c. Well ventilation. Away from corrosive gas.

a. Connect wire in right way.
b. Dont run no-load long time, run overload in low speed, or locked rotor to avoid excess temperature.
c. Dont drag the expansion line of tachogenerator.
d. Don't disassemble or assemble the gear head casually to avoid noise.
e. Don't beat or spress when the motor connecting to the load to avoid internal deformation which will in turn cause noise and dead lock.
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