Sell YYQ-160 balancing machine

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For motor, rotor, roller, shaft

Mass of work (kg) 16~160
Max. dia of works (mm) 1080
Dis. between supports (mm) 200~2200
Journal dia. of supports (mm) 10~180
Jurnal dia. of belt drive (mm) 40~300
Balancing speed (r/min) 300~2500
Motor power (kw) 1.1/0.85
Min. achievable residual unbalance amount emar(g. mm/kg) <=0.5
Unbalance reduction ratio URR(%) >=85

HUASHUN focuses on manufacturing balancing machines for a variety of fields covering motors, blowers, electric tools, machine manufacture, automobile, metallurgy, textile industry, paper making industry, home appliances, etc. With a complete series including universal type, special type, single set, complete set, etc.
Complete service network has been set up in major domestic cities. HUASHUN now holds an impressive client list across China and overseas. Our customers can be found in USA, South Africa, Pakistan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, etc.
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