Sell Yaki hair weaving&braiding.

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We are a China human hair products manufacturer and exporter, we can produce the Men`s Toupee ( hairpiece) , Long Female Hair ponytails(12"--45"&up, Raw ponytail-virgin hair) , Double Drawn hair, 100% Human Hair Extension(weaving) & Braiding in any color & any style : STW-Silky Straight Weaving, STB-Silky Straight Bulk or Braiding, RWW-Regular wave weaving, SW-Super Weaving, RB-Regular wave Bulk or Braiding, SB-Super Bulk or Braiding, DW-Deep weaving, DB-Deep bulk or Braiding, SW-Super weaving, wet&wavy products, WW-Water weaving, YW-Yaki(y) Weaving, YB-Yaki(y) Bulk or Braiding, Minky Yaki(y) , BW-Body wave, JC-Jerry Curl, etc. any style available. (you are welcome to post yourselves style to let us produce for you)

we also can produce the cuticle hair (remy hair, or remi hair) , hand tied extension etc products in weaving or braiding for you according to your request, and this is the top quality hair.

Size available: 6"-30"
Color available: any color are all available. You are welcome to post yourself colorring to us to let us produce according to yourself request.

we also can manufacture the professional wig display mannequin,100% synthetic hair, hairpiece and men`s toupee, practice head(practice mannequin) , foam head, lesson wig, hairpiece, wig, etc. Please contact me freely & directly for your any request or question asap !
yahoo ID:ylicelia
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