Sell Yalong DS-IB Electrotechnical, Electronic & Electrical Traction Trainer

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Yalong DS-IB Electrotechnical, Electronic & Electric Trainer is widely used in vocational and technical institutions and technician training schools. It is used in Electrotechnical, Electronic & Electric Traction Trainer majors for group experiment, teaching demonstration and real operation training. It can complete over 300 electrotechnical and electronics basic experiments and over 30 real electrician operation practice projects.
Experiment table, chairs, YL-ZKL multi-function electric source, transparent electrics experiment module(including electric meter, resistance, capacitance, numeral tube, loudspeaker, inductance, transformer, integration base, diode, audion, irradiance tube, indication light, switch, relay, inductance circuit) , and electric traction unit etc.
Main features
While keeping DS-IIIA, the training adds electric traction hand-on practice unit. The integration base is made of industrial plastic through injection process. On the white base board are printed the location of low voltage electric components that are needed in the circuit and the low voltage electric components are already fixed on the board, therefore the students can design, integrate, inspect, and run with electricity on the base. And it is also featured for low requirement to the size of experiment site and high usage of the experiment instruments.
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1500 x 730W1100MM
Model Number
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Power Requirements
380V+20% 50 HZ
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