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YL- FANUC Oi CNC lathe intelligent trainer is suitable for training and appraisal on CNC machine technicians, maintenance electricians, senior technicians and CNC milling machine technicians in various vocational and technical schools, higher vocational institutes, secondary vocational schools, polytechnics colleges and academies, professional technology schools. It is composed of teachers computer, CNC machine and other parts. System adopts FANUC Oi-MATE TC CNC system, CNC lathe X axis and Z axis are controlled by servo motor, and the spindle is controlled by frequency converter, with photoelectric encoders, X axis and Z axis are driven by ball screw lead rail, and the cutter is a 4-position cutter bracket. Students can learn FANUC servo motor control, frequency converter control, electric cutter brakcet fundamentals and CNC lathe programming, processing, maintenance skills. In CNC controller are two sets of electronic systems, one is an integrated FANUC CNC technology system, and the electrical wiring is made according to requirements on real CNC equipments, to drive machine for CNC processing; the other set of system is an electronic system for CNC machine common faults setting, maintenance and testing, and the system provides fully open terminals, can be used to make settings on circuit faults and internal faults, for students to measure and detect. The faults are made by settings in teachers computer, and students can measure and detect the faults on-line, then try to eliminate the faults, or try to eliminate the faults off-line, in order to improve students skills in solving problems. In the computer software, students can log in, and the results can be appraised and analyzed automatically, and tests can be made on CNC technology throught the network, which relieves teachers burden greatly, therefore, it is a set of comprehensive trainer on CNC processing and CNC maintenance skills.
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