Sell Yalong YL-JS-Z Industrial Mechanical Arm Trainer

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Yalong YL-JS-Z Industrial Mechanical Arm Trainer uses coordinate mechanical arms, which can rotate and move vertically, horizontally, positions of paw rotation are under accurate control. It is also equipped with PLC to realize complicated position control of the whole mechanical arm. By operating this trainer, students will be skillful in PLC programming, sensor technology, rotation encoder, pneumatic control, step motor, DC motor, accurate mechanical position drive technology etc.
Training items
#1 For PLC, primary and advanced programming training is available;
#2 Training on step motor technology application;
#3 Training on photoelectric sensor application technology;
#4 Open encoder for students to see structure rotationr oencoder, and have practice on its application technology;
#5 Training on pneumatic application technology:
#6 Training on open-loop control and close-loop accurate position control;
#7 Master skills in precise mechanical drive technology;
#8 According to PLC program, students can have wiring operation on wiring board;
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Power Requirements
single-phase AC 220V, 50 Hz;
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