Sell Yalong YL-ZK3-3 Central Air-Conditioner Trainer

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It owns one 3p water-cooling machine unit, one cooling water system, one water freezing system and one automatic central air-conditioner control system. In the terminal, there are one simulating lobby and one simulating guest room. One water collecting facility and one water distributing facility will distribute and adjust the amount of coolness. One simulating boiler is applied to provide heat to central air-conditioning system. The central airconditioner adopts PLC and industrial bus control, and computer to communicate with PLC to control operation of air-Conditioner, which also can be remotely controlled through network, Parameters for real-time display and monitor on computer are collected by sensors and converters.
Functions description
Operation timing and control of every unit, including power-on and power-off timing.
Real tine voltage & current monitoring is available on each unit, When voltage is too high or too low, current is too high in a certain unit, system will switch power of this unit automatically, record the parameters and utter alarms.
Charge :calculate bills according to operation time or power-on time.
Remote control, control and monitor console operation through network.
Let students learn structure and working principle of central air-conditioner
Train and test students on operation of central air-conditioner
Detect and analyze working status and parameters of air-conditioner
Train students on programming, installation and debugging of PLC
Train students on application of industrial control software
Fulfill dynamic simulation of central air-conditioner to make students understand working principle and learn operating
Skills of ventral air-conditioner
Fulfill remote control through network for teacher to control and manage central air-conditioner
Train students on installation and setting of central air-conditioner through network
Analyze, save and print parameters of central air-conditioner from sensors and converters for training on sensors and converters are available for students.
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