Sell Yaozhou Celadon of Fair Cup

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You will be surprised by the fair cup. If you infuse water to the cup less than half of cup, the water would exist in the cup without any change. But if you infuse the water full of the cup, all the water would flow out. Nobody can make your ebriety if you take this cup with you.
Started burning in the Tang, developed in the Five Dynasties, reaching its peaks in the Northern Song, continuing in the Jin and ended at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. The Yaozhou Kiln, known asTen-li Kilnin history, has a history of burning over 800 years, leaving behind the richest cultural heritage, more than 3 million pieces of various kinds of cultural relics and 200 of workshops and stoves have been excavated on the site. It is seldom seen in the ceramic history of the world that such big excavation areas, great numbers of the cultural relics, well reserved ruins and rich cultural intensions, and it is a huge treasure for ceramic culture. Yaozhou Kiln Museum is now the largest in scale, the richest in intention in China, three in one, a special museum for the remains of ancient pottery and porcelain including the Exhibiton for the Protection of the Remains, exhibition for the sample of the cultural relices and Demonstration of the Ancient Pottery making.