Sell Yeast Extract

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Angel Yeast Extract is one kind of natural nutritious flavoring using fresh bread yeast with protein rich as material. Its main components include protein, various kinds of animo acid, lipids, flavorous nucleotide, vitamin, and non-cholesterol, and non-saturated fatty acid.
Pure & natural
Nutritious rich
Delicious taste
Aroma smell
Stabile characteristic
Thermal resistance
Angel yeast extract could be used widely as flavours in foodstuff, and as culture medium in pharmaceutical.Application
1.It might be used mainly for foodstuff & flavouring, such as seasoning pack of instant noodle, instant soap, chicken powder, cookies, soy sauce, bulked food, cooling food, breads. The dosage is between 0.5-3.0%.
2.It could be used in nutrients & drinks. Dosage is between 0.5-8.0%.
3.For biological culture medium. Dosage in laboratory is 0.3-3.0%; industrial dosage is 0.4-2.0%.