Sell Yeast Powder

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Anying ESB !0Yi Sheng Su!1 Yeast Powder is a high value feed, fermented using micro-bacterium at the normal temperature. The product has good protein and contains various essential amino acids, vitamins (B#,C & E) and digestion enzyme. It greatly enhances the intestine and stomach functions of livestock animal and also increases the egg-laying rate of poultry, quickly enhances the transformation rates of protein, effectively attempers the subsistence of cell of livestock, which improves your economic benefit. !0Anying!1 yeast powder is your perfeet feed additive.
Coarse Protein!]45%, Coarse Fiber!\10%, Moisture!\10%, Ash!\12%
Color : light yellow or brown, Smell: distillers yeast delicious
Dosage : Poulty 4%-5%, Fish and Shrimp 4%-6%,
Iivestock 3%-5% Java Tilapia 10%-12%