Sell Yeasty Powder

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Yeasty Powder produced by Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co. Ltd is rich in several kinds of high protein feed, fermented by mixing several kinds of microbiologic beneficial bacterium at the normal temperature. The product contains various kinds of amino acid and vitamin B, C, E, as well as natural protein and digestion enzyme. It will greatly enhance the intestines and stomach digestion ability and liver immunity ability of Livestock and poultry, quickly improve the transformation rate of high protein feed, obviously increase the egg laying rate of poultry, and efficiently adjust the cells inside the livestock and liver, which makes the economic benefit of your breeding improved obviously after eating this. !0Anying!1 Yeasty Powder is your ideal feed adhesive.
Quality Standard: Contain 50% protein, 10% moisture.
Quality Guaranteeing Period: 1 year