Sell Yeeko-Remote Intellectualized Monitoring "tri-remote" Serial Diesel Generating Sets

Yeeko-Remote Intellectualized Monitoring "tri-remote" Serial Diesel Generating Sets You May Also Be Interested In: diesel generating sets
Functions of Remote Intelligentized Monitoring System Screen
Local operation can be hand started It has remote controlling with RS232/RS485 communication interfaces.
Remotely control on and off, trouble reset, emergency stop and ATS control that can automatically switch between city power net and set load.
Remote Tests Include:
Three output phases, three output electricity current, output frequency/rotate speed, cooling mediator temperature or cylinder temperature(air cooling) , oil pressure of lubricating oil, oil temperature of lubricating oil(air cooling) , starting batteries, output active power, reactive power, power factor and running time.
Remote Surveillance Includes:
Operating mode(work/stop) . Work way(automatic/manual) , main backup set, over pressure, under-voltage, over current, high frequency/rotate, high water temperature(water cooling) , high cylinder temperature(air cooling) , high lubrication oil temperature(air cooling) , failed starting, overload, charger troubles and so on.
Programmable input/output mouths
If meeting troubles, automatically call janitor's room or call BP of the watch.
Store and see about troubles. 32 troubles at most and eliminate-able.