Sell Yellow Plum Puree

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Specification of Yellow Plum Puree
Color: Yellow to deep yellow
Flavor: Typical flavor of yellow plum puree
Soluble Solids (20 0 Refractometer 0BX) : 712
Insoluble Solids, (V/V) % : >=30
pH (200) : 2.0~4.0
Acidity (as citric acid ) , % : 3.0~4.5
Total Plate Count , cfu/mL: <=100
Molds & Yeasts, cfu/mL: <=20
Coliforms, MPN/100 mL : Negative
Pathogen: Not Detected
Shelf Life: 12 Months, stored at 00
Packaging: Packed in aseptic bag of about 20012KG net weight in steel drum
Processing Season: May to June
Brand Name
HUzhou Yeyuan
ISO9001&3A2000, HACCP, Kosher