Sell Yellow phosphorus , Phosphoric Acid, MKP, MAP, DAP, SHMP, STPP, SAPP, TSP

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We are one of the leading manufacturers in china engaged in manufacturing yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid and fine phosphate chemicals. We can offer good quality following products for export.


1) Yellow phosphorus

2) Phosphoric acid

3) Monoammonium phosphate (MAP)

4) Diammonium phosphate(DAP)

5) Monopotassium phosphate(MKP)

6) Sodium Hexameta phosphate(SHMP)

7) Sodium Tripoly phosphate (STPP)

8) Sodim Tripoly Phosphate(STPP)
Food grade

9) High Class Phosphorus pentasulfide

10) Technical phosphorus pentsulfide

11) Acidic sodium pyrophosphate(SAPP)

12) Urea phosphate

13) Trisodium phosphate (TSP)

Please further note that the process of its production and service accords with ISO 9000 quality system.

We now request you to kindly inform us your firm requirements for our consideration.

With Best Regards,

C. S. Ramachandran

India Region