Sell Yiligong Rizhongtian Capsule

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<Chinese Spelling>: Yiligong Pai Rizhongtian Jiaonang

<Product Description> Rizhongtian capsule is an life energy product developed by the famous experts according to the traditional Chinese rules for nourishment and treatment, combining the modern medical science and technology and consisting the rare traditional Chinese medicines. This product can regulate the five internal organs, smooth the circulation of blood, nourish kidney, benefit vitality Yin and Yang, and prolong the lift of people.

<Main Ingredient> Oyster, mulberry, medlar, common fennel, safflower, root of red-rooted salvia, epimedium, clove, liquirice and desert cistanche.

< Property >: Brown Powder

< Principle Indications > Impotence, premature ejaculation, prostatosis, apokamnosis cause by sub-health

<Function> Regulate the functions of five zang-organs and six fu-organs, nourish the Qi and smooth the circulation of blood, activate the channels, nourish energy to kidney and benefit the substance of the vitality Yin and Yang; bloom the internal secretion and restore the young status. Keep the vitality of male permanently. This product is pure traditional Chinese medicine invigorant which contains no western medicine components. It is suitable for treating dizziness, ear ringing, amnesia, distress in the loins, backache, nocturia, feeling listless and inert, impotence, premature ejaculation, and other symptom of deficiency of the kidney, and it can get effect rapidly.

<Using Method >: Take one grain half hour before going to bed


1. This product is pure traditional Chinese medicine (HDS) , containing no chemical harmful components and hormone and without medical dependency.

2. Penis will erect and keep well with the sexual stimulation.

3. During Taking Medicine: Avoid Drinking