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Product Name: Yohimbe Bark Extract
CAS: 65-19-0
Chemical Formula: C21H27ClN2O3
Formula Weight: 390.9
Yohimbine HCl 98% HPLC
Yohimbine 2%, Yohimbine 8%, Yohimbine 10% HPLC
Total Alkaloides 8%/20% HPLC
Appearance: red-brown powder (Yohimbine)
white fine powder (Yohimbine HCL)
Test method:HPLC
Total heavy metals: <=10ppm
Loss on drying: <=5.0%
Extract solvents: ethanol & water
a) 5kgs in an aluminum foil bag, 4 bags or 5 bags in a fiber drum
b) 25kgs in a double layer plastic bag, then in a fiber drum

Storage: Store in cool & dry place. keep away from strong light and heat.
Yohimbe bark has been used for centuries in some western African nations for sexual enhancement, it has been reported to contain up to 6% total alkaloids, 10-15% which called yohimbine. , Currently Yohimbine bark extracts are sold in varying alkaloid concentrations, ranging from plain yohimbe bark powder, to Yohimbine 4% extract, Yohimbine 8%, and up to yohimbe 20%. The higher the concentration of yohimbe extract, the more potent the Yohimbine , and the more likely Yohimbine side effects will occur. But then again, the higher percentage yohimbe extracts are more effective at a lower dosage. Some companies promote Yohimbine for weight loss.

Yohimbine, also known under the names "harveys harvest" quebrachin, aphrodin, corynine, yohimvetol and hydroergotocin, is a purported aphrodisiac. The effects is very impressive.

The NIH states that Yohimbine hydrochloride is the standardized form of Yohimbine that is available as a prescription medicine in the United States, and has been shown in human studies to be effective in the treatment of male impotence.
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