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How will the world be reached? One person, one soul, one heart at a time

In Parakaleo: A Young Womans Call to the World, 20 year-old Jennifer Kerr shatters the belief that young people cant greatly impact the world by taking a stand for what is pure, what is right, and what is true. Jennifer strongly believes that every person whether young or old, male or female, married or unmarried has been called forth into a higher and excellent standard of living. Everyone has a profound purpose and destiny, not only from God, but in God.

Jennifer shares her personal challenges with depression, anger, fear, and unforgiveness. Learn how she found hope, freedom, power, and victory.
Through her experience, insight, and passion, Jennifer touches on key issues such as:

Anger and Negativity
Substance Abuse
Sexual Immorality
Love and Marriage
Spiritual Maturity
Godly Wisdom

She provides answers for many tough questions including:

What do you do when you dont know what to do?
Is premarital sex all right? Why? How can I follow through with my decision?
I believe in God. Isnt that enough?

I want to challenge both Christians and non-Christians, encourage, empathize, show that God loves you and will help anyone, and make clear that Jesus saves and liberates.

Find out what it takes to get to heaven; how to have success in marriage; the key to reaching your personal potential; your purpose for being alive; and how to enjoy and get all you can out of this life.

Parakaleo is a bold, challenging, instructive, and enjoyable book to read. Intended to be suitable for all ages, this book reveals many personal stories and practical wisdom. Join me as I reach deep into the pockets of existence and explore answers to many of the worlds questions. 

Quotes from Readers:

Parakaleo speaks to the heart and stirs the spirit to seek God with a new fervor. Jennifers ability to communicate in a clear and precise way is done only through the wisdom of God. The wisdom she writes with far exceeds her age. Jennifers willingness to seek God allowed her to experience God in a way that transformed her life. Parakaleo will be used to transform thousands of lives for Jesus. Parakaleo is a must read for Christians and non-Christians alike. 

-Greg Jones, Assistant Pastor
Mountain Home, ID

I think that every husband of any age should read this book. Perhaps too often men don't grasp what their wives are experiencing within their marriage. It opened my eyes more to the importance of clear communication, respect, and understanding towards my wife, and the fact that how I treat my wife through the years (and vice-versa) determines how successful and content our marriage will be. 

-Gary Kalisek
Pleasanton, TX

I immediately related to the feelings and events shared by the author. It was exhilarating to journey through her experiences and be able to make such a connection with my own life. The book brings about a very encouraging outlook on life and marriage. I often refer back to particular sections for comfort. 

-Debbie Terrell
Pleasanton, TX

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