One Time Sell Your instant marketing staff and business partner in Taiwan!

Your instant marketing staff and business partner in Taiwan! You May Also Be Interested In: marketing partner phone calls
HI, BUZNZ is a Sales/marketing specialist company based in Taiwan, and we are keen to volunteer our professions and business intelligence to help you to market your products or services in North Asia.

BUZNZ will identify and conduct initial screening of candidates that may be suitable distribution agent(s) and /or business partner(s) for you, including making initial contacts, follow-up phone calls and /or visits, and providing product information to determine clearly the seriousness of intent of candidates.

BUZNZ will provide strategic market analysis and profiles of potential candidates for distribution agency and/ or business partnership on a monthly basis or as requested by Edutainment Resources.

BUZNZ will set up and facilitate meetings for your visit to Taiwan, make necessary follow-up discussions and negotiations, prepare and support activities required for final contract signing.

For as low as US$7.00* per day, BUZNZ offers her help and local business intelligence, to assist you to break the ice and pick up the sales faster than ever.

*Reimbursement may subject to change according to the complexity of your assignment.

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