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YOUTH ZF-07B, the first in the world and patented Vacuum Refilling Machine with NO Damage to the cartridges, applies the unique technology of vacuum refilling through ink ventilation holes, which is completely different from the common needle filling method and filling through nozzle method. No damage whatsoever will be done to the original cartridges using our refill system.

There is no need to pull apart the paster of the cartridge, or open the cover or ball bearing. The general way of needle refilling may damage the sponge in the cartridge and easily cut through the filter and mix up the different colors. Vacuum Chamber cannot draw out the air in the sponge completely, and the ink injected is hard to reach the nozzles. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of cartridges that cannot be refilled with needle filling. For the nozzle filling by pressure, once the print nozzle is clogged, the refilling will slow down or even stop, and colors get crossed easily. Well, YOUTH ZF-07B is your solution to all these problems.
ZF-07B has specially designed clamps which are used for ink refilling through ventilation holes and each one is designed for a certain ink cartridge. When refilling, just secure the cartridge into the clamps. This is much more convenient than needle filling. And the clamps are attached to the machine by magnetic force and easily replaced and be positioned upside down. ZF-07B, using a LCD screen to instruct every step of operations, is easy for both operators and learners. The special plastic anti-corrosion electromagnetic valves used in the ZF-07B improve greatly the longevity and reliability of the machine, and the ink feeding system makes it extremely easy to switch between different inks.
And you will find more additional values by using YOUTH ZF-07B.

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