Sell Ypress Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology: Eliminate fatigue, smooth anger and pressure, tension.

2, Physical:Efficiency for menstrual cycle and involutional psychosis, repair varicose vein. Effciency for wound heals.

3, Skin: Helps to reduce skin pores, balance sebum, tighten and reduce puffiness, reduce signs of aging. , efficiency for watersupply.


1, Skin: Apply 3 droplets+3ml base oil, massage face.

2, Air Freshener: 100 ml water+2 droplets oil.

3, Hot pack: Apply 4 droplets to the neck to solve sore throat or husky voice.

4, Ovary care: 2 droplets+10ml base oi, massage for 5-10mins every other day. Do not use in menstrual cycle.