Sell Yttrium Metal

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1. Description and usage:
Dysprosium metal, with silvery metallic luster, is mainly used as additives of NdFeB magnet. The Dy metal processed with our unique intermediate alloy technique has high purity, low impurity. The arc-melted button metallic ingot about 200g in weight is convenience for user's operation.

2. Specifications:
Code RE % Dy/TREM % Fe Si Ca Mg Al Ni C O
P-Dy-1 99 99.0~99.9 <0.02 <0.02 <0.03 <0.005 <0.01 <0.005 <0.01 <0.25
P-Dy-2 99 >99.95 <0.02 <0.02 <0.03 <0.005 <0.01 <0.005 <0.01 <0.20

3. Packing:
In sealed iron drums of 40 kg net each with inner plastic bags, filled with argon.

4. Comment:
Specification is adjustable as per user's special requirement.
Supply Capacity
2 tons per month
Available Colors
silvery metallic luster
Condition of Goods
button ingot
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
100 kg
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Beijing
200 g per ingot