Sell Yuda Pilatory

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Made of dozens of traditional Chinese medicines with high bioengineering techniques, this pilatory maintains the bio-activeness of the original herbs, it is used for man trichomadesis and regrowth hair. This pilatory is of mildness, free of toxicity and skin sting.

Transparent liquid.
All-grass of climing groundse, fruit of belvedere, root of light yellow sophora, rhizome of Yunnan goldthread, borneol and mint.

Anti-trichomadesis, hair Regrowth (Pilatory) .

1. Twice a day (morning and evening) , 1ml each time (spray 5~6 times) or according to the circumstances.
2. Keep hair and scalp dry, used on the bald area.
3. One packing for 3 months, do not interrupt.
1. External use only.
2. Only use on scalp.
3. Store in cool, sun block condition.
60ml/W3 Bottles