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The word 'pu-erh' (sometimes spelled 'puerh', 'pu-er' or 'pu'er') is the name of a town in Simao, a region in the southern part of Yunnan Province. In ancient times tea produced in this region was traded at Pu-erh, and eventually the tea itself acquired this name.

A medical experiment conducted by a hospital in France proved that regular consumption of the tea can apparently lower blood lipid by 13%(3 cups/day in one month) . The tea can also lower the alcoholic contents in blood. Besides, over 40% of the subjects which drink pu-erh tea lose their weight for different extents obviously for people of the 40-50 age group. For lowering lipid matters, 34% were tested with excellent result and 33% good, triglyceride, cholesterol and uric acid can be lowered to various levels as well. Thus, pu-erh tea is renowned as slimming tea or health tea in Japan, Italy, Hong kong, Macao, etc.

A clinical test conducted by Kunming medical institute proved that Yunnan pu-erh tea has a higher curative effect than clofibrate, a medicine to cure lipemia. Same effect has been verified on lowering cholesterol level. No side-effect occurs for regular consumption. Recent medical experiments also report that pu-erh tea decoction (100g of tea to be boiled in 700m1 water and take q. I. D. ) is bacteriostatic, especially effective against bacillary dysentery. Therefore, regular consumption of pu-erh tea can promote dysentery too. Unlike other stimulating black teas and because of its mild nature, pu-erh tea can cut the grease, help digestion, promote body fluid secretion, quench thirst, vigorate the spleen and dispel alcoholic toxics.