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Pu-erh tea (sometimes spelled "puerh tea" or "puer tea") was a namesake specialty of puer prefecture - a region in the southern part of Yunnan province. In ancient times tea produced in this region was traded at puer, and eventually the tea itself acquired this name. In order to preserve tea and to facilitate its trade with merchants travelling the ancient tea-horse road, a method was developed which led to the steaming of pu-erh tea and then compressing it into various shapes - usually a type of bowl shape or a "brick". This type of tea is known as tuocha. The word "tuocha" sometimes spelled "tuo cha" or "tuo tea", the meaning is block of tea.

In recent years, Yunnan tuocha tea has been researched for helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Clinical researches proved that Yunnan tuocha tea is more efficacious than clofibrate (an efficient fat-reducing medicine) in reducing the lipid level. Besides, the tea causes no side effects. It is also highly reputed as "slimming tea", "beauty tea" and "healthy tea" in more than twenty countries and regions including France, Spain, Japan and so on.