Sell Z4 series DC machines  - electrical motor

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Series Z4 DC machines are newly developed products of our works, the products are found side use for prime mover in various machinery, such as mill auxiliary in metallurgical industry, metal cutting machine-tool, paper making, print, texitle, printing and dyeing, cement-making, plastic extruding machines etc.
As the frame is of angular thin steel laminations structure, the motor is small in volume, light and can be powered by silicon controlled rectified source. Meanwhile it has goos commutating performance in case sudden change of load current occures. Insulation treatment of VPI applied on the intergral stator and rotor makes the windings good in antihumidity performance, mechanical strength and insulation thermal conductivity. The armature coremadeup with silicon steel laminations has good magnetic conductivity.
Rolling bearings with opearating oiling construction are adopted.
The motor insulation is class F.
The mounting of the motors conform to Symbols for Types of Construction and Mounting Arrangements of Rotating Electrical MA
chinery specified in GB997and IEC 34-7.
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