Sell ZBC FLOW 70 - oxychloride of copper 70% soluble

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ZBC FLOW is an oxychloride of copper with a content of metal Copper of 70% in concentrated suspension form, which acts by contact, as a preventive way. It is recommended in the following crops: Olive tree, fruit-trees, citrus, vine and grape, beetroot, ornamental, potato, tomato and other horticultural.

It acts with high efficiency against a great number of fzngicas illnesses in different crops:
 Vineyard: Mildium.
 Frutales: Mottling, Leprosy, Septoria, Coryneum, Monilia.
 Citrus: Phytophtora, Phomopsis.
 Olive tree: Repile.
 Horticultural: Mildiu, Alternarie, Antracnosis.
 Beetroot: Cercospore.
 Chickpea: Rage.
 Ornamental: Royas and other endophyte fungi.

The cupric products are practically the only compounds that the phytopathogenic bacteria control in crops as:
 Fruit-trees: Pseudomonkeys, Agrobacterium.
 Vineyard: Xanthomones.
 Horticultural: Erwinia, Pseudomonkeys, Xanthomones, Clavibacter.
 Olive tree: Pseudomonkeys.

The action of the salts of Copper against fungi is to prevent the germination of the spores. The spores of the fungi are capable of concentrating the ions Cu2+ of the means from 100 to 4.000 times.

In the interior of the cells the ions Cu2+ join to different present chemical groups in different enzymatic proteins affecting the normal cellular development.

 Great persistence
 It does not create endurance
 Neutral product for the auxiliary fauna
 Product authorized in ecologic agriculture

It applies to the crop through foliar pulverization, diluted in water, shaking the packaging previously.

Recommended doses
Olive tree 150-175 cc/hl
Woody and horticultural in general 150-200 cc/hl
Fruit-trees of winter 250-400 cc/hl
Citrus 75-125 cc/hl