Sell ZD-230 Muanal Needle Detector

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1. Small size and easy moving
2. The ged paint technology and aesthetic overall appearance
3. Low noisy and low power consumption
4. The overall machine is delicate and solid with a strong antiseismic ability and a good detecting stability
5. Eleclric circuit uses a digital processing chip so that anticlutter ability of the machine is strong
6 . Easy operation audible and visual alarm function

Mainly used in shoes industry for broken needles check.

Model No. ZD-230
Detection Method Magnetic induction
Detection Height 100mm
Detection Width 150mm
Detection Ability #1.5mm Fe-ball
Detecting abjustment 1-10 stepless adjustment
Alarm method Buzzer and LED Lamp
Detection speed (appr. )30m/min
Power supply 220V/50HZ
Rated output (appr. ) 120W
Dimension 400mm(L) W300mm(W) W300mm(H)
Weight (appr. )25kg