Sell ZD-630D needle detector (ADVANCED)

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CONVEYOR METHOD: Automatic conveyor type

Cycled magnetic sensor, excellent anti-disturb performance.
Tne core system and part of digital signal processing are based on high speed 32bit RISC CPU.
Use touch screen technology and based on multi language operation system.
Accurate metal or needle chips locating technology, many customer define functios, easy to use.
Individual sensibility adjusting for every channel, fit for more product detecting
Smart report system, provide kinds of report.
The control systems are vased on RS-485 bus technology.
Inatalled machine state indicator and operator guider which are based on matrix LED display technology.

Detecting the metal chips inside the sewing products
Detecting pharmaceutical products
Detecting chemical products
Detecting rubber products, food, etc

Model: ZD-630D(100mm)
Detection method: Magnetic induction
Detection sensitivity: 0.8mm steel to samll scissors
Detection adjustment: MAX.100 steps/channel
Detection width: 650mm
Alarm method: Buzzer, LED indicator
Belt speed: 32m/min(50HZ) , 40m/min(60HZ)
Power source: AC100V-240V 50-60HZ
Rated output: Appr140W
Dimension: 1650mm(L) *1100mm(W) *900mm(H)
Weight: Appr220Kg

Detection height; Detection Sensibility; Remark
100mm ;0.8mm steel to small scissors; Standard type
120mm; 1.0mm steel to small scissors; Option at Factory
150mm ;1.2-1.5mm steel to small scissors ; Option at Factory
200mm; 1.5-2.0mm steel to small scissors ; Option at Factory