Sell ZEN MOO milk cow mp3 player(plus)

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ZEN MOO milk cow mp3 player consistent continuation of the innovative style, with a small OLED screen, so functionally excellent than the ordinary version of many.

ZEN MOO and four colors are available for consumers to choose from four types of expression. Fu Niu's eyes and ears for decoration, and two yellow horn is responsible for play / stop button and menu functions, and two lovely, was designed around the arrow keys to choose.

May be ox-fu order to be able to stand, there will be a USB slot in the chin-fu cow, the cow-fu is not only guaranteed to be independent of the "standing" table, but also good to hide the USB jack.

The left and right side of the fuselage, respectively, were set up to adjust the volume as well as the fast-switching button, it is worth mentioning that the rapid switch keys quickly in the music player, FM radio, as well as fast switching between two functions, I believe that these two functions is a general consumption the most commonly used functions, so user-friendly design, so that consumers can be more convenient to use.

It is worth mentioning that, in the back of Niu-fu also has a external speaker, and speaker of the speaker at first did not have too many expectations, but in the trial found the back of the speaker is not the occasion for. Even if the volume adjusted to the largest and no sonic boom, such as imaging. Although its sound quality and the speakers can not match, but the basic to meet the general consumers to share music with friends needs. Divided into 10 main menu items, namely, music, FM radio (optional) , options, sound recordings, audio files, stopwatch, games, settings, lock and cancellation. Although the function is not very fancy, very useful.
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