Sell ZH-800AH/KC Aviation Obstruction Light

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Speciality:ZH800AH/KC Aviation Obstruction Light is single-direction flash design, and its shell has structure with stainless steel and omniseal; the efficiency of transmission is strong because of having high efficient and blink equipment ; Adopting the super-long xenon lamp, which has low power consumption and high brightness. The life of light source can reach 108times. The light has the preventing surge device, which can be used in the harsh environment.
ZH-800AH/KC:this is the single light with a light-operated switch. It can work all day according to ambient brightness and change light intensity when the environment brightness is between 50 and 500cd/m2 .

Scope of Application
This series of products is mainly used on the top of high buildings and facilities over 150m, such as television transmitting tower, cable-stayed bridge column and high chimney, and constructional works under 150m which are painted with signal paint.
Background Light Intensity Obstruction Light Effective Light Intensity
500 cd/m2 200,000125M
50-500 cd/m2 20,000125M
<50 cd/m2 2,000125M

Name Parameter
Type ZH-800AH/K
FAA Classification L-857
Effective Light Intensity 200~100000cd(125%)
Flash Frequency 60 times/m
Light Source Life 108 times
Power Supply AC220V
Power Consumption 150W
Ambient Temperature -400~+700
Overall Dimension (mm) 480 W 320 W 319
Installing Dimension (mm) 420W 335W13
Airproof Level IP65
Self-control Ambient Brightness 50-500cd/m2
Lamp Shade Color white
Resistance of wind 80m/s
Available Colors
480 W 320 W 319
Power Requirements