Sell ZH-800Ax Aviation Obstruction Light

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ZH-800AX Low-intensity Obstruction Light
ZH-800AX obstruction light Its shell adopts the aluminum alloy and its lamp shape adopts the PC material. The construction is whole sealing, corrosion resistant, anti-UV and anti-implusing. Adopting international-advanced LED light source which has low power consumption and high brightness. The life of light source can reach 100000hours. The light has the preventing surge device, which can be used in the harsh environment.

ZH-800AX:this is the single light with a light-operated switch. It connects to the power that it can work(work in night, close in daytime) .

Scope of Application:
ZH-800AX can use in the towers and buildings where need the obstruction light the send the alarming signal. This type of light is designed to be specially used in the tower.

Name Parameter
Type ZH-800AX
FAA Classification L-810
Effective Light Intensity >=10cd
Flash Frequency Constant light
Light Source Life 100000 hours
Power Supply AC220V/DC48V
Power Consumption <=7W
Ambient Temperature -400~+600
Overall Dimension (mm) 168 W 168 W 268
Installing Dimension (mm) 100 W 100W9
Airproof Level IP65
Self-control Ambient Brightness 50-500cd/m2
Lamp Shade Color Red
Weight 1.8 kg
Resistance of wind 80m/s
Brand Name
Available Colors
168 W 168 W 268 (&26#13212;)
Power Requirements