Sell ZJ90/5850DZ DC Rig

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1. The rig adopts integrated design of mechanical, electrical, digital control and communication, adopting up-to-state vector control, VF, digital control and field bus communication technology.
2. Advanced full digital AC VF PLC control technology plus touch screen, integrated pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and drilling parameter design, realize intelligent driller control of the rig.
3. Single shaft AC VF gear drive drawworks and speed digital close-loop control rationalize power utilization and increase drilling efficiency.
4. Rotary torque and mud pump pressure is digital limit controlled for over-torque or overpressure protection.
5. Intelligent traveling block position control to prevent collide up and impact down accident.
6. Drawworks main brake is dynamic brake and brake torque is quantitatively controlled by computer.
7. Main motor auto-bit-feeding is adopted for automatic drilling.
8. Intelligent driller control system change driller duty from skillful worker to knowledge technician.
9. The rig is network controlled to realize functions such as data sharing, auto control, centralized monitor, operation and equipment management.
10. Drill floor equipment install at ground level and rig up integrally with the mast.
11. Full hydraulic casing centralizer is highly automatic.
12. Main parts of the rig adopts established NOV technology with worldwide experience.

Rig model ZJ90/5850DB
Nominal drilling depth (114mm drill pipe) m 6000-9000
Max. hook load kN 5850
Max. drill line no. 14
Wireline diameter mm(in) 42 (15/8)
Sheave OD mm(in) 1524 (60)
Swivel center pipe bore diameter mm(in) 75 (3)
Drawworks rated power kW(hp) 2210 (3000)
Drawworks gear 1 stepless change
Rotary table opening diameter mm(in) 1257.3 (491/2)
Rotary table gear 1 stepless change
Power/mud pump set kW(hp) 1470 (2000)
Mast effective height m(ft) 46 (152)
Drill floor height m(ft) 10.5 (35) 12 (40)
Drill floor clearance m(ft) 8.7(28.5) 10 (33)
Note: DB  AC VF drive rig
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