Sell ZLG Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryer

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ZLG vibrating fluidized bed dryers are widely used in chemical industry, light industry, medicine, food, plastics, cereals, oil, slag, salt, sugar and other line Industry Branch of the powder granular material Section drying, cooling, humidification, such as homework.
Working Principle:
Subjects were self-feed into the machines, the vibration force, the material along the horizontal branches thrown straight forward exercise, hot air upward through the fluidized bed heat exchanger with wet materials, the humid air after the dust by cyclone from air vents; dry material discharged from the mouth nesting
Vibrating motor drive used, smooth operation, noise, long life, easy repair.
High thermal efficiency, than the average energy-efficient drying device can be more than 30%. Uniform temperature distribution in bed, no local overheating situation, uniform fluidization, no dead-end situation.
Section thickness and the machine speed and amplitude of uniformity in the design of the framework can be no class to adjust, adjustable, and the application of wide.
Material injury on the surface of small, fragile objects can be used for the drying section, irregular particles of materials which can be readily available, does not affect the results.
The use of fully enclosed structure, effectively prevent the material cross-contamination with the outside world, the environment clean. Continuous operation.
When used in high water, when mass production of materials, to be used in multiple ways in series to achieve with the requirements (typical materials: such as polyacrylamide, etc. )