Sell ZN-C Latest Concentration Pot

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1. ZN-C type extends the barrel to separate section.
2. In order to overcome and concentrate the steam two times of tank deck in the shortcoming not returning in the pot by the condensation before entering condenser. This equipment changes the condenser into obliquly and horizontally.
3. In order to improve the production capacity of the equipment, this equipment will concentrate the area of heating of inserting set of the pot, the area of the condensation , cooler is strengthened in various degree .
4. For is it concentrate pot produce dead angle that liquid in charge of , product this adopt stainless steel to be spherical to test gram to prevent.
5. Concentrate pot underpart set up turning on type hand hole soon , in order to clear up the incomplete liquid in the pot, residue .
6. ZN-C type to is it insert sets of fens of two or three to heat , is it pay piece heat and prevent the adoptive wall from to close when it is low the liquid . It is easy to arrange the net concentrate to change into the bottom of an awl at its bottom.