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YCK6799HG series buses is a new bus company in the development, streaming body, concise quick processing, dynamic full disseminate era atmosphere. Buses dedicated chassis, 16Mn Caoxing straight ridgepole, hydraulic power to that distance Ruanzhou manipulation, the former Bridge 4 tons, the bridge after 8 tons, double-circuit gas brake drum, Chuneng spring-loaded in trucks braking, 10.00-20 Ramps plastic births, aluminum alloy round caps. New portfolio meters Taiwan, AM/FM card machines were high back seats, manual rabbit ears Daochejing, including a stormwater including vehicles Jianzhuangneishi, Banfu drivers Zheyanglian, all cars side curtains, a security export, parapet, made in China of quality non-slippery floors conservative.
Overall length(mm) 7980
overall widht(mm) 2400
overall height(mm) 3320
Wheel base(mm) 3800
Wheel track front. /rear(mm) 1800/1700
Front/real overhang(mm) 1840/2340
Luggage space() >=2.5

Complete bus mass(kg) 7400
Front/middle/real(kg) 4000/4800
Max. loading mass(kg) 12000
Max. loading mass of front/middle/rear axis(kg) 4000/8000
Seat type 2+2
passengers+guide+driver 23-37+1+1

Bus Model YCK6799H
Type Water-cooling consuming four stroke rate Zhipen
Steering Unitary power steering
Clutch Single, dry
Transmission TS6-90A SIX speed
Main deceleration ratio 4.875
Suspension system More spring steel plate/air
Brake system Storage spring exhaust brake
tyre 7.5R20
Retarder Optional

Grade ability(%) 20
Min. truningdiameter(m) 18
Max. Speed(km/h) 110
Fuel consumption(L/100km) 16
Max. stopping distance(m) <10(loading 30km/h)
Approach/departure angle(0) 12/8

Model YC6J180-20
Type Water cooling in-line 4-stroke pressurized middle cooling
Rated power(kw/ps) 132/2300
Max. torque(N. m/rpm) 660/1300-1500