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YCK6939H my company nine metres series on the main products, oil aesthetic embodied in the true meaning of simple, dynamic and harmonious unity center;
Low prices, high-grade configuration, and excellent performance, reasonable discovery of a very respected by the industry and end-users is the use of short-distance passenger transport and tourism preferred. Zhongshan University consistently uphold the car "quality, safety, environmental protection, " in this expression was perfect for you to provide excellent economic returns. Luxury high-speed dedicated bus chassis, syllogism truss, a large baggage through warehouses, and hydraulic power to that distance Ruanzhou manipulation, Kexuanzhuang ABS, air suspension, speed recorders, and other configuration
Overall length(mm) 9340/9010
overall widht(mm) 2460/2150
overall height(mm) 3455/2150
Wheel base(mm) 4500
Wheel track front. /rear(mm) 1900/1800
Front/real overhang(mm) 1960/2880
Luggage space() >=4

Complete bus mass(kg) 8800
Front/middle/real(kg) 2600/6200
Max. loading mass(kg) 12000
Max. loading mass of front/middle/rear axis(kg) 4000/8000
Seat type 2+2
passengers+guide+driver 15~41+1+1

Bus Model YCK6939H
Type Water-cooling consuming four stroke rate Zhipen
Steering Overall style power steering gear
Clutch Single, dry
Transmission S5-80 five stalls
Main deceleration ratio 5.286
Suspension system Huang or multi-piece composite suspension
Brake system Double-circuit pressure-driven
tyre 9.00R20/10R22.5
Retarder Optional

Grade ability(%) >=20
Min. truningdiameter(m) 18
Max. Speed(km/h) 115
Fuel consumption(L/100km) 20
Max. stopping distance(m) <10(loading 30km/h)
Approach/departure angle(0) 12/8

Model YC6108ZQB/ YC6105ZLQ/ DE08TIS
Type Water-cooling in cold processed four stroke rate
Rated power(kw/ps) 155/2400, 155/2500, 176.5/2300
Max. torque(N. m/rpm) 640/1600~1800, 710/1400-1600, 882/1200