Sell ZP Series Rotary Tablet Press

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This machine is a double pressing type, continuous automatic tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into variety tablets. It can press normal round tablets, irregular tablets, and double layers tablets, annular tablets etc. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, electronic etc. industries.
The machine is fully closed type, the machine cover and the inner table face adopt stainless steel material, the special processed turret surface can keep the luster of the surface and prevent the cross pollution, it conforms to the cGMP Standard.
Machine has the transparent organic glass windows enable to observe the tablet pressing status clearly. It can be opened for cleaning and maintenance.
Adopt well-known brand frequency inverter to control the machine speed.
Adopt the hydraulic press system to assure the stable of working pressure. And pressure overloading protection system included.

Main Technical Specifications
Model ZPW23D ZP33D ZP35D
Punch & dies Qty. 23 33 35
Max. Pressure 80KN 80KN 80KN
Max. Filling Depth 17mm 17mm 17mm
Max. Tablet Diameter 28mm 13mm 13mm
Max. Tablet Thickness 6mm 6mm 16-36rpm
Turret Speed 14-30 rpm 16-36rpm 16-36rpm
Capacity 85 000 tablets/hr 140 000 tablets/hr 150 000 tablets/hr
Power Supply 3Kw 380V 50Hz (optional) 3Kw 380V 50Hz (optional) 3Kw 380V 50Hz (optional)
Machine Size 1300X1200X1750mm 1300X1200X1750mm 1300X1200X1750mm
Machine Weight 2000kg 2000kg 2000kg