Sell ZP1100 series Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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Model ZP1100 Series Rotary Tablet Press Machine is a new generation product. There is altogether four types. It is an economical high-speed tablet press machine and it is suitable for producing a great quantity tablets. It can be produced all types of round tablets, irregular tablets and tablets of engraved on double sides.
1. It meets GMP requirement.
2. The design of ZP1100 series is reasonable. It is easy for operation, cleaning and changing products.
3. The production capacity is large and the quality of production is better. It has pre-pressure device so that the time of pressure can be delayed.
4. The speed of turret is high. The linear velocity is up to requirement of High Speed Tablet Press Machine.
5. The controller is PLC. The showing screen can be shown and set up each of technology, controlling parameter, each of breakdown and fixing way. It can be shown average working pressure of tablets through the showing screen so that the operator can judge the quality of tablets and can adjust the weight of tablets in time. At the same time, it can be set up the Max working pressure too. When the actual pressure exceeds the setting up numeral value, the machine can be automatic stopped urgently.
6. The series machines have protective device for upper punches broken. When the upper punches are broken, the machine can be stopped urgently by automatic electric control.
Main technical specifications
Model ZP1134 ZP1136 ZP1129 ZP1124
Punches & Dies (set) 34 36 29 24
Max. Pressure (KN) 80 80 80 80
Max. Dia. of Tablets (mm) 13 13 18 23
Max. Dept. of Filling (mm) 18 18 18 18
Max. Production Capacity (ten thousand Hour) 142800 151200 121800 100800
Motor (KW) 4 4 4 4
Highness (mm) 1800 (with hopper) , 1580 (without hopper)
Cover Space (mm) 930*950
Weight (Kg) 1400kg
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