Sell ZPY Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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Main application

This set is a one in series, being broadly used to press various round or special-shaped tablets in the industries of pharmacy, food process, chemicals and electronics.

1. The structure is in accordance with the GMP Standard. The press chamber is separated from the driving gear, thus in the press chamber there is no paint and all the parts/components are of stainless steel or the surface is treated specially.
2. The applied central lubricating system supplies the optimal oil quantity needed.
3. Upon the customers need, it can use frequency-conversion speed regulation or mechanical speed regulation.

Parameter of ZPY 129

Dies (pairs) 29

Max compression (KN) 80

Max diameter of tablet (mm) 18

Max depth of Fill (mm) 18

Max capacity (tablets per hour) 78000

Motor's power 4kw 380V 50Hz

Dimension(mm) 900x895x1650