Sell ZT-15 directional drilling Rig (ZT-15)

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Product Description:
This rig is consists of all hydraulic wheel drilling unit and power unit: With motto and train feel unit, the drill having the same thrust and pullback forces can be used fir long distance installation, and it is easy for steering in hard soil formation; Rotary drive run by two motors has high torque and good reliability With long stroke, the rotary drive fitted with 3m drill rod can travel faster in free stroke and has high efficiency because of the reduction of auxiliary operation time. Driller can use two hydraulic clamps for the making up and breaking away.

Product Function:
Diesel Engine Power Kw 92
Max. Spindle Torque Nm 5000
Max. Pullback force kN 150
Max. Thrust force kN 150
Spindle speed r. p. m 0-120
Entry drill angle 0 0-20
Max. mud flow rat L/min 250
Max. fluid pressure Mpa 8
Drill Rod(dia. x Length) mm #60x2500
Diameter of Barrel reamer mm #160-580
Diameter of winged reamer mm #320-530
Fluted channel reamer mm #200-500
Rig Size(Lx Wx H) mm 4700x1400x1600
Power unit size Weight mm 3780x1130x2030
Weight kg 4000