Sell ZT-25 directional drilling Rig (ZT-25)

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Product Description:
ZT-25 Directional Drilling Rig adopts the high intensity rubber track chassis and all in one structure of power station and driller in order to be convenient for movement and raise flexibility . The motive is provided by the Cummins diesel engine, the motive is abundant, the function is settle. The rotary drive is drive by two motors for steady rotary and large torque. Less wear for drilling rod thread with automatic unscrew floating mechanism in top ehad. Long hydraulic hose life because of the hose lagging. Easy changing of drilling angle with the angle-adjusting cylinder. The feeding part adopts chain-driving mode to provide equal feeding and pulling power, can be used for long distance installation. Driller can use two hydraulic clamps for the making up and breaking away of drilling rods easily. Easy operation of all hydraulic drives and central control from the Control Panel.

Product Function:
Diesel Engine Power Kw 125
Max. Spindle Torque Nm 8000
Max. Pullback force kN 250
Max. Thrust force kN 250
Spindle speed r. p. m 0-100
Entry drill angle 0 8-20
Max. mud flow rat L/min 250
Max. fluid pressure Mpa 8
Drill Rod(dia. x Length) mm #73x3000
Diameter of Barrel reamer mm #160-680
Diameter of winged reamer mm #320-720
Fluted channel reamer mm #300-700
Rig Size(Lx Wx H) mm 5500x2100x2250
Weight kg 7800