Sell ZT-35 directional drilling Rig (ZT-35 )

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Product Description:
ZT-35 Directional Drilling Rig is the full hydraulic directional drill rig with self-propelling track. The all parts of the directional drilling rig(including power station, feed mechanism, rotary head, frames of drill rod, sliding rail, clamping mechanism, mud pump, etc. ) are installed on the steel track chassis, with convenient movement and strong maneuverability. Rubber track is optional to be covered on the steel track to facilitate the urban construction. The key parts of the hydraulic system of the drilling rig: Rotary hydraulic pump, feeding hydraulic pump and controlling handles are all famous worldwide brand products. The other hydraulic pump (including hydraulic pump, hydraulic pressure valves, hydraulic oil houses) are all the products of the joint-venture or well-known domestic enterprises. The diesel engine is also the product of the well-kwon joint venture, with strong power and reliable performance. The drill rods are fastened and loosed by the double clamper, can pull back the drill rods with high speed and high efficiency. So the directional rig is suitable for the installation of the long distance and larger diameter pipelines.
Product Function:
Diesel Engine Power Kw 160
Max. Spindle Torque Nm 14000
Max. Pullback force kN 350
Max. Thrust force kN 350
Spindle speed r. p. m 0-70/0-140
Entry drill angle 0 12-20
Max. mud flow rat L/min 320
Max. fluid pressure Mpa 8
Drill Rod(dia. x Length) mm #73x3000
Rig Size(Lx Wx H) mm 7050x2280x2500
Weight kg 10500