Sell ZT-60/85 directional drilling Rig (ZT-60)

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Product Description:
The hydraulic elements of ZT-60/85 Directional Drilling Rig (including hydro pump, motor, Pressure valves, oil hoses etc. ) are all the original products from the famous transnational companies and the diesel engines are products from the joint venture of Cummins with strong power and reliable performance. Drilling rigs and power station adopts integrative propelling mechanism of the track chassis of excavator with convenient movement and strong maneuverability. The rotary head is driven by the plunger motor and with high rotary speed and large torque. The feed mechanism is driven by a gear-rack transmission. The feed force is 600KN, and the Pullback force are 850 KN. Cab with cold & hot air conditioner, two operators can be seated in. The drill rods are fastened and loosed by the dual-clamping device with high speed for pulling rod and high efficiency. 3.2T hydraulic hoist arm accreted the Drilling Machine, and is convenient for engineering, also, it is suitable for the installation of the long distance and larger diameter pipes.

Product Function:
Diesel Engine Power Kw 239
Max. Spindle Torque Nm 26000
Max. Pullback force kN 850
Max. Thrust force kN 600
Spindle speed r. p. m 0-50/0-94
Entry drill angle 0 8-20
Max. mud flow rat L/min 500W2
Max. fluid pressure Mpa 8
Drill Rod(dia. x Length) mm #89x6000
Diameter of Barrel reamer mm #380-980
Diameter of winged reamer mm #320-720
Fluted channel reamer mm #500-1200
Rig Size(Lx Wx H) mm 10500x2500x2950
Weight kg 21000