Sell ZX-A Polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer, concrete admixture

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It is a new type of green concrete additive, which not only reduces water very efficiently, improve the concrete pore structure and density, increase durability, but also control the slump loss. it is an environmental and excellent material for the making of concrete with high strength, high performance, high grade, large-volume, and arge liquid concrete.

Appearance: Liquid

PH Value: 7~9
Solid Content: 40%(+/-2%)
Cement paste fluidity: e280mm
Specific gravity: 1.22(+/-0.02)

1. The recommended ratio is 0.6%~1.2% to cementitious materials, and the ratio can be raised to between 1.3% and 1.6% in making high-strength concrete. The specific ratio is determined by the concrete conditions of the user after trials.

2. It is compatible wellwith the various types of cement.

3. It boasts high water reducing capability, the rate of which of concrete reaches over 35%.

4. It enjoys high enhacing capability. The performance will be better if it is used with mineral additive. It is indispensable material for the making of high-strength concrete.

5. It features slump retention ability. Basically, there is no loss two hous after.

6. The hardened concrete appearance is good, there are not water line, big bubbles, or chromatic aberration on the surface. It is the ideal material for fairfaced concrete.

7. It is of high durability.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10000 tons per month
Minimum Order Quantity
10 Tons
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