Sell ZZL Series Winding Vacuum Coaters

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ZZL Series Winding Vacuum Coaters
High Vacuum Rolling Coater is specially designed equipment for coating aluminium films or oxidant compound films or other metallic films on rolls of any polyester membranes. It is extensively used for the production of metallic packing materials for food industry, decorative or packing material, electrochemical aluminium material, various labels, sticks and trade marks as well as all kind of reflective material, heat preservation or heat insulation materials and electric material.
Using this equipment, the metal film can be coated by evaporation, DC or MF magnetron sputtering on the surface of plastic, cloth and metal sheet, etc. It can be equipped with both evaporation and sputtering functions with efficient vacuum pumps group coupled with.
Its advantages as following:
(1) , This machine equipped with a set of compound vacuum group with advantages of fast pumping speed, super-exhaustion and high vacuum state by PLC auto control in the form of digital indication to realize pre-heating, pumping, pump cooling and problem alarm, etc. , the complete operation.
(2) , The driving setting of double roller for the substrates in this machine adopts vector frequency conversion control system with highly resolve coder to insure, during winding operation, the stability of rolling speed and to eliminate the unfavorable influence caused by voltage fluctuation or loading.
(3) , The tensile force controller of the substrates is using MITSUBISHI product of close-up digital tension-inspection system, coupled with tension sensor to realize the constant tension of release winding in the course of coating operation. It is adaptable for thin, narrow or stretched materials to take vector frequency conversion motor control over release and wind-up rolling and the auxiliary tension tow roller at the side of wind-up roller driven by an independent motor guarantees the high precision of tensile force control.
(4) , A tracing device equipped on wind-up roller can adjust rolling position as per changes of rolling diameter to maintain constant rolling distance.
(5) , The electric leveling rollers installed at both release and wind-up rollers in substrate rolling system can realize outside angle control and perform leveling effects control as per necessity in the course of coating operation.
(6) , With effective cryo-freezing/heating device equipped on the main double rollers that may freeze the surface of the rollers to the minus 15 degree centigrade in the course of coating operation, can cool substrates and can make rollers recover normal temperature by heating system after coating operation finished.
(7) , The chamber of this machine with connecting port for chiller, is available to install deep chiller system for coating paper.
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